Fisher Research Cz-7a Pro Quicksilver Metal Detector
By Joe Patrick
From Page 40
May, 1999 issue of Lost Treasure

Each time that I receive a new metal detector for field testing, I cant help but wonder ... What improvements have been made ... Is this product better and deeper ... will it help me to find more and better items? Is it more comfortable to operate?

Fortunately for detectorists, each new generation of Fisher metal detectors and model updates has delivered new, improved and better equipment for us to profit from. The new CZ-7a Pro QuickSilver is a fine example of just how refined a metal detector can be. It provides a broad array of beneficial features and user options, combined with Fishers renowned expert engineering, to provide an exceptionally easy-to-use professional-performing metal detector!


The CZ-7a Pro is the culmination of several earlier versionsthe CZ-5, CZ-6 and CZ-7 and it combines the best of these models plus a new, additional feature and benefit. The most notable improvement of the CZ-7a Pro is a new type of control-box mounting system which now enables either pole or hip mount configurations.

I have been using metal detectors for many years now, and usually prefer hip mounting to pole mounting. I have used just about every hip mount configuration and system devised including D-rings and straps, pouches, chest mounts, metal platforms and other adapters. I can say without hesitation ... the Fisher CZ-7a Pro mounting system is the best I have ever seen or used ... period. It is simple, fast, easy and effective.

Attached to the bottom of the control box housing are three, 1/2-inch diameter brass posts that protrude about 1/4 inch from the control box. These posts are designed to pass through and slide into a keyhole-shaped cutout in a platform mounted to the end of the pole assembly handgrip. Also supplied, is a hip mount adapter plate which has identical keyhole cutouts and can be attached to the detector control box quite fast and easily thus converting it to a hip mount. A wide enough belt-loop is provided on the hip mount adapter so that older-style A.l.i.c.e.-clip webbed military belts can be used if desired. Unfortunately, the newer military belts are too large to work with this adapter. Fisher has done an exceptional job on this design.

The CZ-7a Pro is a dual VLF frequency multi-notching metal detector with both tone and visual target identification capability. A 3-tone audio I.D. system produces a low tone (200Hz) for iron targets, a mid-tone (450 Hz) for foil and pull-tab-range targets, and a high-tone (1 kHz) for most coins including nickels. Seven easily programmable notches control the acceptance or rejection of all targets.

The front panel of the CZ-7a Pro is well designed and labeled, easily accessed and quite logical. Even without reading the users manual, most experienced operators can intuitively operate the CZ-7a Pro the first time they use it ... another credit to Fisher.

Ten slightly raised tactile touch-pads and a single rotary knob control its entire operation. For enhanced operation to meet any ground condition, a ground balance control and circuit are provided ground balancing is a snap using one of two methods outlined in the users manual.

With the many options and features available on the new CZ-7a Pro, I cannot explain each of them in detail in this limited field report. I would however, like to list them for you and then try to detail as many as possible.

Starting from left to right, top to bottom, the front-panel touch-pads are labeled and control the following options:

LIGHT Turns the LCD soft-blue/green display back light on or off. VOL Adjusts the audio headphone and speaker volume level. Six levels are selectable. NORM/SALT Adjusts the detector for operation for land or saltwater detecting. The selected mode is displayed on the LCD panel. AUTO/I.D. Selects either the wide-scan all-metal autotune mode or the VLF motion I.D. mode of operation. The selected operating mode is displayed on the LCD panel. SENS Adjusts the level of operating sensitivity. Six levels are selectable. PRESET Sets the detector to factory presetscoins only - medium sensitivity and volume. NOTCH Permits seven notch ranges to be accepted or rejected. Thus enabling 256 different combinations of detecting notch-discrimination programs. (left-pointing arrow) Moves the display cursor to the left. (right-pointing arrow) Moves the display cursor to the right. PINPOINT/SEARCH Enables the VCO pinpoint and depth-reading modes when pushed and held. Coin-depth readings are indicated on the LCD display and range from 0 to 10 inches. The VCO audio range is from 500 Hz to 1 kHz.

As mentioned before, a single rotary control knob sets the analog ground balance point and powers the detector on and off. When set to the red numeral 5, a preset, average, ground level is achieved.

In addition to the above features, the CZ-7a Pro also includes: Microprocessor control; Surface Mount Electronics; Turn-On-and-Go Operation; Three-piece Breakdown; Big Target Bell Tone; Faint-Target Audio Boost; Constant LCD Display Battery Monitor; Last Settings Memory. In addition, the CZ-7a Pro is rain proof and splash proof, features a double-locking pole stem and requires only two 9-volt batteries to operate. Battery life is approximately 15-20 hours with Alkalines and decreases to 7-10 hours if the display back light is used continuously.

Battery installation and replacement is simple and easy. Two removable bottom-side covers open to expose a drop-in battery compartment. There are no wires or connectors to attach ... or break!

The CZ-7a Pro is supplied with an 8-inch submersible concentric co-planar Spider searchcoil. Optional 5 and 10-inch coils are available. Total detector pole-mounted weight is only 3.8 pounds.

One thing that always impresses me about Fisher detectors is their extremely well done design, packaging and overall engineering. Every aspect of their packaging is well thought out and their detectors always have a solid, polished quality look and feel to them.

Field Use

I had a chance to use the CZ-7a Pro at several locations and found it to be very deep detecting, accurate on its I.D., comfortable to use and for the most part, smooth operating. Some large or heavily rusted iron targets fooled it, but this happens with most detectors. It hits with a solid tone and its audio response is very quick.

Because of their high sensitivity, Fishers have gained a somewhat infamous reputation of not discriminating iron very well; I did not find this to be true with the CZ-7a Pro. It knocked out most iron very well.

I recovered an assortment of finds, many from trashy, highly mineralized coal-cinder type ground around old cellar-hole foundations. The CZ did an admirable job at these extremely difficult detecting sites.

I will not delve too deeply into my personal exploits and field adventures with the CZ-7a Pro. I would much rather use this space wisely to inform readers of its pros and cons. Suffice to say that I did well with it, like it and can easily recommend it to anyone who wants the ultimate in detecting performance.

Improvements? As much as I like the new CZ-7a Pro, I wouldnt mind seeing a few new options. These may be just my personal wishes and preferences, but perhaps others would welcome them too.

I have never really cared much for VCO pinpointing on any detector and would welcome a turn-off option to restore normal, single-frequency tone pinpointing. I personally feel that I can tell more about a targets depth, size and composition without VCO tones. Perhaps this is attributed to my many years of detecting without VCO pinpointing it is the way that I learned to detect.

Wish number two: a pole-mounted trigger switch to select the all-metal no-motion pinpoint and discrimination modeexactly like on the 1266-X. I found the pinpoint button somewhat difficult to access when hip-mounted. Ideally, it would work opposite of the mode selected. If in the discrimination mode, pulling it would switch to all-metal. If in the all-metal mode, pulling it would switch to discrimination.

Honestly, thats about it. Every other aspect of this detector is very well done.


The CZ-7a Pro is covered by Fishers 5-year Gold Seal warranty. It is a detector so easy to operate that it could have been named the Fisher EZ-7a Pro! At a retail price of $1,050 it is somewhat expensive, but I have no doubt that it is a world-class detector that can easily pay for itself if used often, correctly and at the right places. It is without doubt, one of the best metal detectors currently available!

For additional information, contact: Fisher Research Laboratory, Dept. LT, 200 W. Willmott Rd., Los Banos, CA 93635, Phone (209) 826-3292, Fax (209) 826-0416, log onto, or e-mail: info@

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