Silver Umax And Cleansweep Search Coil
By Joe Patrick
From Page 37
December, 2002 issue of Lost Treasure


For nearly twenty years, Tesoros Silver Sabre metal detectors have been universally acclaimed to be some of the best easy-to-use metal detectors ever designed and manufactured.

This reputation is well earned and supported by thousands of satisfied Silver Sabre owners, backed by the many outstanding finds they have made.

The very first metal detectors that I sold, as a dealer, were Tesoro Silver Sabers.

This was back about 1985 and those early Sabres helped me to get many people involved in the hobby of metal detecting. I was totally impressed with the Silver Sabres solid performance and ease of use. That confidence enabled me to easily recommend Silver Sabers to my friends, family members and customers.

It didnt take long for Silver Sabre users to discover that although simple in operation, small in size and having somewhat of a toy look to them in a world of lunchbox-size multi-control metal detectors that the Silver Sabre was in fact a very effective, high-performance unit.

The tradition of the Silver Sabre lives on today and is exemplified with Tesoros newest Silver Sabre offering ... the Silver Max.


Just two knobs and one switchthats the whole control center for the Silver Max and it just doesnt get much easier than this.

The Silver Max features both a silent search motion discriminate mode and silent search motion all metal mode.

Its built-in mineral rejection (preset ground balance) insures smooth and stable operation over a broad range of soil mineralization.

Housed in Tesoros miniature MicroMAX housing, with S-pole rod assembly, the Silver Max weighs a mere 2.2 pounds.

Its electronic design and circuitry is microcontroller based, operates at 10 kHz and utilizes Tesoros extremely sensitive and stable low noise circuitry.

Basically, a turn-on-and-go metal detector, the Silver Max provides enough user-control to make it highly effective for various sites and search conditions, without overwhelming a user with a myriad of controls, programs or operating functions.

Powered by a single, drop-in, 9-volt battery, the Silver Max provides approximately 10 to 20 hours of detecting time between battery changes.

A battery test is available to aid in approximating battery condition and in estimating how much detecting time remains before replacement is required.

To activate the battery test push and hold the MODE switch to the left. The switch is spring-loaded and will return to its center position upon release. If the battery is fully charged, you will hear 6 or 7 beeps.

When you hear only 1 or 2 beeps, it will be time to replace your battery. This test can be performed at any time while the detector is turned on. The DISCRIMINATE LEVEL control is used to set the amount of target acceptance or rejection desired.

The DISCRIMINATE LEVEL control is marked: MIN; IRON; FOIL; 5; TAB; 1 ZN; MAX.

The SENSITIVITY control is used to adjust and set the sensitivity (gain) of both the ALL METAL and DISCRIMINATE modes.

The SENSITIVITY knob is numbered from MIN to 10 and then has an orange area called the Max Boost Zone. For normal hunting, anywhere in the numbered zone will work very well. However, the Max Boost will allow you to increase the power to the point of overload.

Max Boost settings may sometimes be used in areas of low ground mineralization, minimal trash targets and outside electrical interference to maximize the detectors sensitivity and depth capability.

The SENSITIVITY control is also used to power the detector on and off.

The MODE SWITCH has three positions: DISC, BATT. TEST and ALL METAL. An internal speaker and rear-mounted 1/4 stereo headphone jack are provided.

The CleanSweep Search Coil

The Silver Max that I received for this field test arrived with Tesoros new CleanSweep search coil that Tesoro and Lost Treasure requested that I test together as a single field test report.

To those who are not yet familiar with the CleanSweep search coil, it is a long, narrow, highly specialized coil for maximizing ground coverage.

The CleanSweep is 18 inches long by 3.6 inches wide, with wide scan design that weighs 1.8 pounds.

Its long, narrow design enables its user to cover an expansive 18-inch swath of ground per sweep. This makes it an excellent choice for competition hunts and working open spaces where maximum ground coverage in minimal time is desired. Usually, more ground covered equates to more targets found.

The CleanSweeps sensitivity is consistent from toe to heel and is designed to cover a large area quickly. Detection depth is approximately the same as can be obtained with a 4 to 7 round coil.

You will notice that the coils mounting ears are not positioned in the exact center (lengthwise) of the CleanSweep coil. Take care not to attach the coil backwards or it will affect the balance of the detector somewhat. The coil should be attached to the lower rod with the strain-relief located in front of the rod.

Field Use

As expected, I found the CleanSweeps additional 1.8 pound weight and 18-inch length to unbalance the comfortably-lightweight standard configuration Silver Max.

I can easily search all day with the Silver Max, using a 7 or 8-inch coil. But I found that using the CleanSweep cut this time in half for me.

Keep in mind that the CleanSweep search coil is designed as a special-function coil and if used as such, serves its purpose quite well.

The near 2-pound weight of the CleanSweep is due largely to its epoxy potting. This potting is essential in keeping the coil windings rigid so that motion, vibration and temperature extremes do not move them, which could affect performance.

Using the CleanSweep search coil is a little different, as compared to standard round search coils it needs to be used in somewhat open areas. I did attempt some woods detecting with it, but quickly moved back into the open fields and grassy areas. Here, the CleanSweep was in its domain.

The 18-inch swath of ground coverage is really impressive. I covered a lot of ground in a minimal amount of time. I noticed that depth of detection on coin-sized targets seemed to be about 6 inches maximum. Bear in mind that this depth was based on using the preset (ground adjust) Silver Max detector in moderately mineralized, bone dry ground.

I believe that coverage, not depth, is the name-of-the-game with the CleanSweep search coil. For ground coverage, I give it a two thumbs up.

The CleanSweep search coil will pick up and produce an audio tone, for non-discriminated targets, over the entire 18-inch length of the coil. If you try the normal X-centering method of pinpointing, it will not work ... as the target could be anywhere within the 18-inch length of the search coil.

The best way to pinpoint is to sweep back and forth over the target to determine its exact center. Next, slowly slide the search coil back toward you in a straight line wile keeping it centered over the target until the signal drops out. This will be just past the front tip of the coil. This is where you want to dig. The target will be located just beneath the search coils tip.

During my field test, the Silver Max performed flawlessly. As with previous-model Silver Sabres, the Silver Max is simple, easy and effective. With its lightweight packaging, interchangeable coils, single battery operation, operating simplicity and excellent performance, it makes a fine beginners or seasoned pros metal detector and combined with the CleanSweep, a super competition detector too.


Over the years, I have found all Silver Sabres to be fantastic metal detectors. The Silver Max is no exception. It is extremely easy to operate, comfortable to swing and has a very effective discrimination circuit.

Although its detection depth may not always match a top-of-the-line metal detector at all sites and search conditions encountered, it is no slouch either. Reasonably priced at just $299.95, with a Lifetime warranty, you just cant go wrong with a Silver Max.

The CleanSweep search coil adds yet another dimension to the versatility of Tesoro metal detectors. In my case, it was successfully used with a Silver Max, but it can be used on almost any Tesoro detector (see your dealer).

The CleanSweep search coil has typical Tesoro build quality; performs very effectively and is reasonably priced ($189.00). All are hallmarks of a great Tesoro product.

Be sure to check out a Silver Max and CleanSweep search coil soon.

For additional information contact: Tesoro Electronics, Inc., 715 White Spar Road, Prescott, AZ 86303, phone (928) 771-2646, or visit the company website at:

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