Roberts Construction Multi-miner Deluxe Dredge High Banker Combo
By Bob Fitzgerald
From Page 30
June, 1998 issue of Lost Treasure

From the moment I unpacked the Multi-Miner it was easy to see why it had earned this name. Every component appeared to be carefully thought out to fit any mining situation. The unit is primarily a 12-inch dredge, highbanker, concentrator, recycling system and sluice. I was soon to find out it did all of this and more. The manufacturer claims this machine has a superior fine gold recovery, which it more than lives up to.

I will name most of the main features, but as you use this machine you will find many more.


Riveted aluminum combo hopper, adjustable steel grizzly, dual PVC spray bars, reversible manifold, instant gold detection matting, combo stream and Hungarian riffles. A 4-inch by l0-inch by 36-inch aluminum sluice, expanded metal mesh lashed to the riffles, Nomad Miners Moss, special concentrator matting and amazingly adaptable PVC leg system. The dredge is powered by an AP-125 Homelite pump which can also be used with the high banker. The pump is rated at 31 GPM and only weighs 9 pounds. Also included is a removable nozzle restricter. With the unit I tested was also a 12-volt Magnum pump (41 GPM, 3 pounds) which I found to be extremely useful in many situations. All of this, plus more, it is lightweight, backpackable and extremely versatile.

Before taking the machine into the field, I did some fast tests in the yard. I found the Multi-Miner very easy to switch from a high banker, to a dredge, to a concentrator. Not only was it easy, but fast.

I chose for the field test a very rough area in southwestern Oregon that yields both extremely fine and coarse gold. Getting to the location was about a one hour hike over rough terrain. Upon arriving at the trail head to the creek, we began loading our equipment. Everything we needed to run the Multi-Miner easily fit into one five-gallon bucket. I also could have fit the machine to a backpack frame, but chose to carry it, using the conveniently-placed side handle.

After the trek down to the creek, I knew exactly where I wanted to high bank. I wanted to see if this lightweight unit could live up to processing 2 yards per hour. Incidentally, 2 yards an hour is about as fast as anyone I know can shovel in this type of material.

After a quick set up, I adjusted everything and shoveled. I was very pleased to see the machine was holding up just fine. The only question I had was it getting the gold? A quick look down at the Instant Gold Detection Matting verified I was.

During this time, I also changed around the adjustable spray bars and reversible manifold. The miner easily handled 2 yards per hour with either pump. Dont be fooled by the size of the machine, it may seem small and lightweight, but it's fine tuned and well built to handle and recover all the gold you put through it.

At one point in high banking we had worked down to bedrock and into the water table. This situation made it very difficult to clean out the gold bearing crevices. This gave me the opportunity to try out the dredge attachment.

I installed the dredge attachment and began cleaning out the crevices with the aid of a screwdriver and crevicing tool. The 1-1/2 inch nozzle had no trouble sucking the cracks clean. I had plenty of power to clean the cracks thoroughly and never loose suction. The Multi-Miner will literally dredge in a mud puddle, where larger machines would be impossible to use.

With the sun setting, it was time to clean up and get back to camp. I decided to do my final clean-up at camp, since the unit had concentrated the material down to a very small amount. Before leaving, I panned down some of my tailings to be sure no gold had escaped none had. The Multi-Miner has one on the most superior recovery systems I have ever used.

Back at camp the next morning, I ran my concentrates using the 12-volt Magnum pump and a couple of buckets to change the machine into a recycling system. (This same system can also be used on perched terraces, desert locations or just about anywhere you cant get to with larger equipment. All you need to do is add water.) I took out the miner's moss and raised the riffles with the attached expanded metal. I sat back in a lawn chair and fed the concentrates into the hopper.

I could easily see the gold collecting on the collector matting. After three passes, which only took a few minutes, I shut off the pump, tilted the sluice to the side and let the gold wash down into my pan.

The gold I had recovered ran in size from about a piece of rice down to gold I had to use a magnifying glass to see. The Multi-Miner had done its job and done it well.


The Multi-Miner lived up to all the manufacturer's claims and more. The possibilities seem endless with the Miner.

Here is a lightweight mining machine that can literally pay for itself in a couple of weekends. The Magnum pump and portability make it possible to mine in many gold rich areas that are closed to other equipment.

You can either order components separately or in custom packages. They even offer free plans to help you build a floatation system.

Whether your a beginner or professional, I feel the Multi-Miner is a very useful tool. The price of the Complete Deluxe Package, including both pumps, is $595.

For more information contact: Roberts Construction, P.O. Box 545, Kenwood, CA 95452, phone (707) 538-9541 or e-mail: goldminer@

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