Fisher Research Cz-7 Quick Silver Metal Detector
By Joe Patrick
From Page 24
December, 1997 issue of Lost Treasure

Ask any seasoned detectorist to comment about Fisher metal detectors and you will almost universally hear the same three comments...they are deep detecting...easy to operate and extremely well constructed!

These typical remarks come as no surprise, as Fisher is currently the oldest detector company in existence and has a 66-year history of producing innovative, high-performance, quality-built metal detectors.

Unfortunately, I do not have space enough in this field test to delve into Fishers long and successful company history. That tradition continues today in Fishers X series detectors and especially in their new dual-frequency CZ series.

The CZ-5 and CZ-6 have both gained quite solid reputations for detection depth and field performance, and the new, enhanced CZ-7 Quick Silver is proving to be even more versatile.


The CZ-7 Quick Silver has many of the same design and construction features that have made the CZ-5 and CZ-6 so very popular such as an 8 inch open-center Spider search coil; S-pole rod design and small, lightweight control housing.

However, what truly makes the CZ-7 so unique over its predecessors is that it now has programmable multi-notching capability and a large multi-featured LCD graphic display.

Seven programmable (discrimination) notch settings are available to either accept or reject a target category, and these seven notches directly correspond to the CZ-7s Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) metered target identification feature.

The CZ-7s seven individual notch/ID categories are: Iron; Round Pulltab; Square Pulltab; Foil; 1/Zinc; 5; Coins. In addition to its visual ID capability, the CZ-7 also has a tri-tone audio identification feature that indicates iron targets with a low tone (200 Hz); foil, tabs and most gold rings with a mid tone (450 Hz); and silver rings, some gold rings and most coins with a high tone (1 kHz).

The LCD meter has a backlight option, activated by a front panel touch-pad, that illuminates the display with a soft green radiance for easy viewing at night or low-light detecting situations.

A Soft Belltone Big-Target alert audibly warns you when a target signal is too strong to be accurately identified. Raising the search coil above the target and sweeping it again will then give an accurate reading with proper identification.

The CZ-7 has a setting for Wet Sand Operation, for those times when detecting at saltwater beaches or in saltwater surf. This option has two positions available: NORM and SALT. The NORM setting is for land detecting, while the SALT setting is for saltwater. This feature correctly offsets the ground balance point so that smooth operation and maximum depth can be achieved at either type of detecting location.

A new, long-life battery system has been designed into the CZ-7 that can provide up to 90 hours of detecting time between battery changes! Battery condition is constantly monitored and displayed on the LCD display. A dual-compartment battery housing containing 12 AA batteries (two 6-packs), is mounted beneath the armrest and counterbalances the CZ-7s four-pound overall weight, providing a lightweight feel with good operating balance.

A no-twist, no-wobble, quick-lock fiberglass-reinforced lower stem is flat on one side, so your coil is always locked in perfect alignment.

Unique to the CZ series, including the new CZ-7, is a Faint-Target Audio Boost circuit. At high volume settings this circuit automatically increases the sound of faint and deep signals, but not strong signals.

For such a small, lightweight unit, the CZ-7 provides a number of useful and effective features! So far, I have highlighted on some of the CZ-7s many features, but there are still many more! Unfortunately, I do not have enough space in this field test to cover them all. So, I will at least list them for your information.

The new CZ-7 Quick Silver also has:

A Wide-Scan, All-Metal Auto-Tune mode.

Dual VLF Frequency (5 and 15 kHz) Fourier-Domain Signal Analysis

Touch-Pad VCO Pinpointing and Depth Reading

Splashproof, Rainproof, Dustproof construction

State-of-the-art Surface Mount Electronics

Last-Setting Turn-On Memory

One Button Preset Mode selection

Silent-Search Discrimination

Pushbutton Ground Balancing

Three-Piece Breakdown

As you can see, the CZ-7 Quick Silver is some full-featured metal detector!

Field Use

I just couldnt wait to try the new CZ-7 at my selected detecting site which has been heavily detected for about five years now by a small group of detecting friends. Many excellent finds have been made, as the sites history and usage span well over 100 continuous years.

There are large, expansive areas within the site that have extremely soft topsoil and items tend to be much deeper as compared to other locations. I was hopeful the CZ-7 could open up some new, deep, detectable layers of finds previously unreached by other detectors used there.

I opted to dig everything, with the exception of iron, which I easily notched out. I began by ground balancing the detector, which is quite easy. Next, I pressed the SENS touchpad and increased the sensitivity from a preset of 4 to setting of 8 (10 is maximum). This, I felt, would provide the sensitivity needed to reach deep targets, but would still be low enough to prevent detector falsing.

It didnt take long to make my first find as the CZ-7 signaled with a High tone and the meter locked-on at Coins. A depth reading of 8 (inches) confirmed what I had believed... there are still items here... DEEP! An old, (dime-sized) lead freight seal with the letters P.H. soon confirmed the CZs 8-inch hit.

I continued to detect for about six hours and recovered a variety of deeper items. In addition to the freight seal, I found two sling buckles; 14 (circa 1900) military buttons; a turn-of-the-century enameled bar pin; an old, aluminum Miraculous medal; a Civil War Eagle cuff button; a large skeleton key; three Wheat cents and some miscellaneous junk all, deep targets!

The CZ-7 operates smoothly with little falsing. Its detection depth is impressive and it hits on targets with a very solid audio and meter indication. The seven target categories and notches are easily modified to either accept or reject targets, making it versatile enough to cover any detecting situation. With up to 90 hours of operation between battery changes, youll almost never have to worry about ending a day early because you forgot to change batteries after your last detecting trip.

Although I did not get a chance to use the CZ-7 at the beach, I have had several knowledgeable water hunters tell me CZs are killers at the beach! They have super depth and smooth operation even in the wet sand and saltwater. Another plus is the fact that the CZ-7 is also splashproof and rainproof a very important item for beach and water hunters! Land hunters will also benefit and appreciate this waterproofing on detecting days that are just a little too wet for most other land detectors. With a CZ-7, you can keep on going!


Having used a CZ-5 for some time previously, I find the CZ-7 to provide much improved iron rejection. The ability to control notch settings, coupled with an accurate ID and depth meter, augment an already excellent design to a new standard of performance. In addition, it is comfortable to use, highly effective for coin, jewelry and relic hunting and versatile enough to be used in almost any detecting situation or site.

The CZ-7 Quick Silver with 5-inch or 8-inch Spider coil and headset is retail priced at $995. A variety of optional search coils and accessory items are available to further enhance its operation and your success. The detector is covered by Fishers Five-Year Limited Warranty.

The CZ-7 Quick Silver is a full-featured easy-to-use metal detector with top notch performance. Fisher has successfully packaged its technology into a unit so simple to operate that I feel confident it can be mastered in just a few detecting trips. This is a detector that can produce extremely well for anyone willing to invest some operating time and who is detecting good sites. It is a detector absolutely worthy of the connotation... top-of-the-line!

For additional information, contact: Fisher Research Laboratory, Dept. LT, 200 W. Willmott Rd., Los Banos, CA 93635. (209) 826-3292, FAX (209) 826-0416. For the Fisher dealer nearest you call: 1-800-672-6731. To visit Fishers website, go to:

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