Take a Treasure Hunting Journey in Your Imagination
By Janet Warford-Perry
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November, 2009 issue of Lost Treasure
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Lost Treasure Ships
of the Oregon Coast
By Theodore Schellhase
Author Theodore Schellhase encourages readers of his book to “Return to the days of treasure ships and their mysteries along the Oregon coast.”
Explore Oregon’s history by delving into the journals of explorers Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Their discoveries led to the founding of Astoria and Washington Irving’s poem “Astoria.”
Read about maritime journeys to Oregon by Spanish galleons, trading vessels, junks, and treasure ships, and their first encounters with Native Americans on the coast. Learn the legends of white-winged ships that first came to these shores and eyewitness accounts of shipwreck survivors who intermarried with local tribes.
Articles written by Schellhase have been published from time to time in Lost Treasure magazine. Schellhase lives on a strip of the Oregon Coast where he found part of a shipwreck during the 1980’s.
The publisher, Schiffer Books, invites readers to “Hear legends of white-winged ships that first came to these shores. Return to the days of treasure ships and their mysteries along the Oregon coast.”
The book retails for $14.99. It can be purchased online at www.schifferbooks.com Contact the firm via e-mail at schifferbkataol [dot] com, or call (610) 593-1777 M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST, or fax at (610) 593-2002.

The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Secret Manual: Discovering Treasure Auras in the Digital Age
By David Villanueva
The author of several metal detecting titles, David Villanueva claims he has discovered that digital cameras can be easily adapted to reveal the location of buried treasure from up to several hundred yards away.
In his latest publication, Villanueva explains how anyone can turn a digital camera (possibly one they already own) into an amazing treasure hunting tool.
Having successfully used a Polaroid camera for photographing auras given off by buried metal for a number of years, Villaneuva was horrified when Polaroid stopped making the film in 2005 and usable original film quickly became unavailable at any price. In the short-term, alternative film is available, which photographs treasure auras at least as well as the original film, but Polaroid’s recent decision to cease all instant film production would make photographing treasure auras history…unless digital cameras could be used.
Digital camera technology is very different to that of film cameras and what worked with Polaroid failed with digital. A complete re-think was needed. The breakthrough came after Villaneuva learned of treasure hunters successfully using a highly specialized digital camera to locate caches buried along Spanish mule-train trails. So, clearly, it was possible to photograph auras digitally, but could it be done without spending a fortune on high-tech equipment?
After three years of intensive research, the answer is absolutely yes! Some, possibly many, popular digital cameras are up to the task.
Using readily available photographic accessories that anyone can easily attach, without causing damage, the digital cameras tested were able to record an aura, from a distance, on a single quarter-ounce (seven-gram) gold sovereign coin buried six inches (150mm) underground. In extensive field trials, cameras located buried metal over two feet (610mm) deep and could discriminate between different metals. The cameras could be hand-held or tripod-mounted and could capture auras anytime during daylight hours in a wide range of weather conditions.
A colleague invited to test the system, with his own camera, clearly demonstrated that no special skill or ability was necessary by obtaining an aura on the first attempt.
After reading the manual, well-known treasure hunter and author Stan Grist said, “If this is for real, it will dramatically improve my treasure hunting results for the rest of my life. I am in the process of assembling all of the recommended gear so I can get out into the field as soon as possible. From a scientific perspective, my associates and I all agree that this may actually be the modern-day solution for a specific, huge treasure in Ecuador that we have been seeking for years. I am really excited.”
The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Secret Manual: Discovering Treasure Auras in the Digital Age is published by True Treasure Books, in digital format, 84 full-color illustrations, 52 pages, at a price of $19.97.
To order visit, www.treasurehunterssecretmanual.com

Treasures You Can Find
By Frank Hayslip
A guest writer for Lost Treasure, for 29 years Frank Hayslip has searched for treasure using a metal detector. His search has taken him to every nook and cranny of Oklahoma - from the panhandle to the Wichita Mountains, hunting abandoned homesteads, ghost towns, Army camps, cache hunting and searching for clues to Spanish treasures.
Hayslip’s stories are told in this book, along with stories from other treasure hunters, in addition to tips and photos of the author’s finds. The author includes works he has written for Lost Treasure and other magazines.
The book retails for $19.95. It can be ordered online at www.fhayslip.com or by e-mail at fhayslipatcox [dot] net The book is also available in digital and print format at www.losttreasure.com

Gold of Kings
By Davis Bunn
The author’s interest in comparative religious studies, and his instinct for a good story, drew him to speculate on the mysteries surrounding the treasures of the Second Temple in his new work of fiction titled Gold of Kings.
The Second Temple stood for 500 years on what is now called the east side of the Old City of Jerusalem. Archaeologists and historians have recently gleaned surprising new insights from the Copper Scroll discovered at Qumran, and from the writings of Josephus, a first-century Jewish historian. Josephus witnessed the siege of Jerusalem, during which many magnificent artifacts were carried off to Rome.
Bunn wondered, with the temple in jeopardy, was it possible that some of its riches were hidden away for safekeeping? If so, where might this trove be today?
He tracked a few more clues and became enthralled by the possibility of telling the tale about one of the world’s greatest treasures - the adventurers who seek to find it, as well as the powers that seek to control it.
Researching in preparation for this writing, Bunn turned to English scholars with expertise in early Judaism and church history.
He also interviewed world-renowned treasure hunters and salvage experts based on the Florida coast in chambers literally crammed floor-to-ceiling with everything from prehistoric jade, ancient coinage, Ming dynasty porcelain, and marble statues.
Bunn’s site research also spanned the French Riviera, Istanbul, Northern Cyprus, Israel and Palestine, where he experienced several moments that were a heartbeat away from catastrophe and felt danger from the residents and the challenging landscapes as he hiked along rocky cliff tops to gain access to thousand year old castles.
In Gold of Kings, Storm Syrrell, whose grandfather is murdered, discovers that he served as a trusted go-between for those in the highest ranks of business and government all over the world.
A writer in residency at Oxford University, Bunn has penned over 19 bestsellers that have sold over six million copies in 16 languages.
Published by Simon and Schuster, the book retails for $24. For ordering information, visit the website at SimonandSchuster.com

Johnny Vic’s
Nautical Adventures
By Ann Rich Duncan
It’s out!…Johnny Vic’s Nautical Adventures, the second book in the historical fantasy series authored by Duncan.
As he did in Travel With Johnny Vic, Duncan’s 11-year-old treasure hunter finds himself transported by his amazing metal detector to past centuries, facing exciting challenges, intriguing friendships and first-hand peeks at amazing historical events.
Whether you’re looking to introduce a youngster to history or reading about adventure, or you want a valuable keepsake during Lake Champlain’s Quadricentennial celebrations, this is a great choice.
The book includes two stories: “Champlain Gold” and “Columbus.” “Champlain Gold” is a timely tale that celebrates the history of Lake Champlain.
About her hero, Duncan says, “All Johnny Vic wants to do is experience the excitement of battle when he’s propelled back to the 1700’s to witness the Battle of Valcour - the first American Navy Battle of the American Revolution-on Lake Champlain.
But he soon realizes the painful reality of war.” Johnny also sees glistening bars of gold as they are being hidden on the shore of the lake.”
“Columbus” is the second story in Johnny Vic’s Nautical Adventures. The boy’s amazing metal detector propels him to another exciting adventure.
Johnny Vic sees the crafty Christopher Columbus in action as he uses the eclipse of the moon to fool the natives (and save the lives of his men) and then, in a whoosh and a swoosh, Johnny Vic is propelled even farther back, to a frightful storm at sea where teenage Columbus takes the helm of a ship for the first time of his life.
Duncan said she doesn’t “write down” to kids’ level, therefore adults can have as much fun as the younger set when they read the Johnny Vic adventures.
The hero in this series was inspired by Duncan’s brother, a treasure hunter with a gold mine in Alaska.
A third book in the series is already in the making, Duncan confirmed.
More information can be found at www.AnnRichDuncan.com. The book retails for $11.95.

The Seed
By Ann Rich Duncan
Treasure hunters take note: The Seed is a fiction novel you won’t want to put down.
The hero, John Victor, is based on a real-life treasure hunter you might just know.
It’s John Victor Pulling, a partner who owns the mining rights to the historic Moore Creek Gold Mine.
In The Seed, Victor stumbles upon murder and mayhem as he undertakes a new treasure hunt.
All he wants to do is find the trunk full of gold that was reportedly hidden by Civil War soldiers.
Unfortunately, he finds a manufacturing plant full of liquid gold, dubbed “the terminator,” that could spell disaster for America’s farmlands.
As he joins a comical assortment of characters in their struggle to stop the diabolical plot, he matches wit with a dapper thug and a duplicitous senator and billionaire, Alexander Graham Rossweild, the evil megalomaniac who wants to control the world.
Then there’s John’s feisty sister, Evie. Will this beautiful scientist bury the hatchet and make up with dashing FDA executive Brick Little?
The author attempted to capture it all - humor, romance, intrigue, puzzling relationships, personal growth, murder, and some treasure hunting.
Brought to the marketplace by Infinity Publishing, more information can be found at the author’s website, www.AnnRichDuncan.com
The book retails for $18.95.

Take a Treasure Hunting Journey in Your Imagination
Take a Treasure Hunting Journey in Your Imagination
Take a Treasure Hunting Journey in Your Imagination
Take a Treasure Hunting Journey in Your Imagination
Take a Treasure Hunting Journey in Your Imagination
Take a Treasure Hunting Journey in Your Imagination

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