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Texas Treasure Stories - Volume 1

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This Anthology is a collection of treasure, adventure and mystery short stories, by multiple authors, in a book format. It was compiled from the Archives of one or more of our six magazine publications:

Lost Treasure – Treasure Cache – Treasure Facts

Treasure World – True Treasure – Rockhound

Published by: Lost Treasure, Inc. P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK. 74345

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True Treasure magazine started publication in 1966 as a bi-monthly and was soon joined by Treasure World magazine, also a bi-monthly published on alternate months. In December 1975 these two magazines were joined and re-named Lost Treasure magazine.

Over the years three other magazines, Rockhound, Treasure Facts and Treasure Cache were added to our publishing family. Of these six magazines only Treasure Cache/Treasure Facts and Lost Treasure are currently being published.



The articles and stories in this book are made available for your enjoyment and entertainment only and should not be used as your only source of fact. This book may contain material from one or more of our six publications going back to 1966. Many of the laws, facts and situations that were in effect at the time of the articles publication may have changed now. Always check with Local, State or Federal officials before acting on any information contained in these archives. And always get permission to hunt before you start your search. This book may not be reproduced without the express written permission of Lost Treasure, Inc. Although our scanners made every effort to correct typos or incorrect creatures some may have slipped through. Thank you for your understanding.


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