Missouri's Lost Copper Mine

By Jacques Tisserand & Hack Barnes
From page 31 of the October, 1971 issue of True Treasure
Copyright © 1971 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Recounting legends of buried treasure and lost mines is one of the favorite pastimes in the Ozarks of southern Missouri, especially around Jacks Fork and Owls Bend in Shannon County. Perhaps the most often repeated story in the area is that of the fabulously rich lost copper mine.For several springs, back in the 1850’s or 60’s, Joseph Slater appeared regularly as clockwork in New Orleans with a huge raft-load of partially refined high-grade copper ore. Slater had a cabin on the Current River, a few miles northwest of the town of Jack’s Fork. To keep the location of his nearby copper mine a secret, he filed a mining claim on a tract of land about two miles from the shaft.
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