A Guide to Treasure in Texas

A Guide to Treasure in Texas

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That great Texas storyteller, J. Frank Dobie, once wrote: "There must be as many buried treasure stories in Texas as there are Texans. There are more 'lost' mines in Texas than there are known ones." Indeed, Texas must rank at or near the top of any list of states with the greatest potential for treasure recovery. The buried treasure and lost mine tales recorded herein are not creations of mine. All of them have been told before, and will be told again and again. But perhaps this effort will bring more of the vast Texas treasure lore together in one volume than has ever been accomplished before. Many of the stories related herein, to be sure, are based upon nothing more substantial than legend, especially those stories of Spanish and Mexican origin. But to the treasure hunter who seeks only solid facts in leads, we point out that a great deal of treasure dating back to the Spanish era has been—and is still being—found in Texas. If you plan to hunt treasure or relics in Texas, we want to call your attention to the fact that the Texas Antiquities Code is designed to be tough. Its aim is to prevent the removal of any treasure or relic (or artifact) that might have historical value, from any site that might have historical significance, whether it is on state, county, or city or privately-owned land. Literally enforced, this could bar coinshooting on public and private beaches on both mainland Texas and the offshore islands, for "ships of antiquity," meaning primarily Spanish ships, were wrecked off the Texas coast, and those pieces-of-eight that sometimes wash ashore and are found by coinshooters have been held to have historic, as well as monetary, value.


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