Treasure In Maine

By D. Van Atchley
From page 25 of the June, 1976 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © June, 1976 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Balley's Island is one of several hundred islands in Casco Bay off the coast of Maine and, like many of these islands, includes among its legends tales of pirates and their buried booty.

It is known that pirates did bury much of their loot on islands all over the world, and it is believed that Bailey's Island harbors beneath its soil some of this loot.

One substantial fact is that part of this treasure already has been found, leading one to suspect that more caches may still be buried on the island.

A fisherman-farmer, John Wilson, was out duck hunting. After shooting a bird, he went to get it and, while doing so, fell into a crevasse between the rocks. In the crevasse, he uncovered an old, rusted iron pot filled with Spanish gold coins.

Wilson took the gold to Boston where he sold it for $12,000. He used the money to buy a farm on Bailey's Island and a sloop. Years later, he told how he got the money to buy the farm.

It is not known whether Wilson ever diligently searched for other caches, but it is quite likely there was more than one. Additional searching might prove fruitful.

Bailey's Island has a small winter population, but it is a resort area during the summer months. The chief recreations are deep sea fishing and boating. It is near Harpswell in Cumberland County. Even if Wilson did spend time in looking for additional treasure, he did not have a metal detector.