Hermits Hidden Hoard

By D. Van Atchley
From page 63 of the June, 1976 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © June, 1976 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Methuen Massachusetts, the birthplace of Maj. Robert
Rogers of French and Indian War fame, was also the home of two lesser-known gentlemen named Gorrill. They lived in Essex County during the nineteenth century.

Nathaniel and Mark Gorrill had a homestead on Daddy Frye's Hill in Methuen, not far from Tenney Castle, also on the hill. During the last century, the two brothers fell in love with the same girl, which put them at odds.

The triangle was not one invited by the young lady. In fact, neither brother was able to win her and she married another suitor. The feud between the two brothers did not end with her marriage, however.

The brothers spent the remainder of their lives in their homestead, refusing to speak to each other. After the double rejection, even though they prospered and reputedly amassed a fortune, they avoided the company of others and both became her-mits.

When they died, it was reported that they had hidden several caches of gold coins. None of these has been found, as far as it is known.

Long after the deaths of the brothers, a search was made of the Tenney Castle towers following a report that the two had hidden part of their fortune somewhere within the castle. In the basement of one of the towers, the searchers found $20,000 in bonds believed to have been secreted by the Gorrill brothers.

No other caches have been found, or, if they have, they have not been reported. Daddy Frye's Hill is supposed to abound in the brothers' hidden treasure, thought to be gold coins. However, with the finding of the bonds it became apparent that the treasure could be in forms other than gold. The bonds supported the belief that other hidden hoards exist.