Rhode Island - Pirate Chest
By Anthony J. Pallante
From Page 50
November, 2001 issue of Lost Treasure
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In 1722 the pirate captain George Lowther captured the merchant ship Greyhound and forced five of its crew, including first mate Charles Harris, into his band. Harris soon proved himself an able pirate and was given command of a sloop of his own. Harris and Lowther raided for about a year and then Harris dropped out of sight. When Harris reappeared, he was in partnership with the much-feared Edward Low. Together they attacked another ship named the Greyhound, but this one turned out to be a man-of-war, and both pirate vessels were soon in retreat. Edward Low escaped, but Harris and 47 of his crew were captured and taken to Newport for trial.
During the transfer of the prisoners from Harris ship Ranger to the Greyhound, a group of sailors from the Greyhound discovered Harris treasure chest, said to hold several thousand gold doubloons, and managed to smuggle it on board the Greyhound without any of the officers taking notice. The treasure chest was kept hidden below decks for over a month until the morning of the mass execution of Charles Harris and 25 of his crew. Just prior to the hanging, the conspirators took the treasure off the Greyhound and buried it four feet deep under the sands on the beach under the overhanging cliffs at Newport. A careful map of the site was made and subsequently lost. When the sailors tried to relocate the hidden chest, they found that storms had completely rearranged the beach, and Charles Harris treasure was never recovered.
In 1949 two girls walking on the same beach during a lull in a storm discovered a partially exposed rusted iron chest which they could neither open nor remove from the sand. Storms forced them off the beach, and when they returned in calmer weather, the chest was nowhere to be seen.
Edward Rowe Snow, who found part of Harris partner Edward Lows treasure on the Isle of Haute, was certain that the chest had been reburied by the storm, and it still awaits discovery today.

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