Why Bother: A Teen's Perspective Of The Hobby
By John Apple
From Page 47
March, 2003 issue of Lost Treasure
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Metal detecting is a great hobby, especially for younger ones. Why should the younger generation get into the hobby of metal detecting?When I was younger, I used to dream about finding a cache, but I never gave up that dream. During the summer of 2002, my brother, Tim, and I got a job mowing a cemetery. We were thinking of what we wanted to buy with our money and thought it would be neat to have a metal detector. We weren’t really too serious about getting a metal detector, but I checked it out on the Internet. After reading one field test, I was hooked.In recent years, metal detectors have become technically advanced, so it’s something that a teen would like. Learning how to operate a metal detector was one of the first educational steps. While doing cache research, I learned about local history. I also learned about the wars and the way people lived in the old days. I also learned about different coins and relics.Metal detecting can be educational for people of all ages. Have your kids do some research at the library to find some productive metal detecting sites in the area. Your kids might really enjoy it if you took them metal detecting with you. The hobby will also allow you to spend more time with your children. Best of all, your own child will make the greatest metal detecting buddy! Show your kids how to use the detector and how to dig, and fill in, the plugs. In return, they can be of help to you during the treasure hunt. Metal detecting will also get your kids away from the TV and computer for a while and it will help them get some fresh air and exercise.Maybe you could spring for the $150 Tesoro Compadre. It’s a lightweight and really great metal detector; you might end up using it yourself. My brother and I had to wait a while until we got paid for the mowing job, so I took up the sport of dump digging. I found many cool relics and a few good coins, too. As soon as we got paid, I ordered the Tesoro Compadre.I played around with it in my yard for a while until I got used to the controls. Later, I took it to a park and found a ton of clad. After your children dig a plug and see the glimmer of a silver coin, they will really be hooked on the hobby. All the time and effort spent metal detecting will keep kids from getting into trouble.My best finds are two gold rings and a 1957 silver dime, all on the property where I live. I’m still looking for that hidden cache and hope to find it soon.Editors note: The author is a 13-year-old student who resides in rural New York near the Canadian border. An eighth grader who has lived most of his life in the country, John’s long list of accomplishments now includes successful treasure hunting.

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